AFRITANGA – The Sound of Afrocolombia
stands for a musical journey through Columbia and unites old MAESTRO pieces of the pacific and Caribbean cost, as well as a more urban sound of a new generation. Afritanga – wordplay out of Africa and "Fritanga“, a most popular cried & mixed grill plate.

Afritanga still is not a dish, no Colombian speciality, but a conscious neologism and hint to point out the role of Afrocolumbian and African roots in music and culture of Columbia. Young musicians rather experiment with their own musical roots than to idealise European Rockmusic or US Hip Hop. It is about describing a young and new development that exceeds any form of black and white, male or female thinking and class mentality. But still this process is to be seen marginal and does not change enormous social distinctions and racist every day life.

But just as on stage and street you can see subversively movements breaking boundaries every day in some people’s heads. Not because of crude lyrics with simplified messages, but as act of performance along with jokes, irony and intelligent lyrics. Definitely no "easy listening“ mix made of beautiful world music.

Champeta- Grooves from Makina del Karibe, with sharp electro guitars and fast up-beat remind a lot of Soukous or Rumba Congolaise and the psychodelic downtempo Marimba out of the west pacific region along with it’s distinctive sound. They have been experimenting with "Pacific Soul“ for quite a while. Urban artists like Cynthia Montaño or Choc Quip Town, causing excitement over here as well, mix the „piano de la selva“ (piano out of the jungle) with Hip Hop and soft lyrics out of the coffee region Chocó. This compilation also includes Cumbia, a Columbian off beat groove known in complete Latin America since the 60ies. Master of Gaita, Paito, one of the basis instruments of "original style“ Cumbia- stands here for Cumbia’s roots.

Counterpart to DEN LABORANTEN within Pacific sound is an new band, named Systema Solar. Characteristic of the seven piece band are no old drums but soundcard and synthesizer.

Annexation of your own music and culture and it’s experimental expansion is a way of cultural resistance and a statement:

“We are here – we think – and we will stay“

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