• Valhalla Rising (Original Soundtrack)
  • 1. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – Introduction
  • 2. Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall – Caged
  • 3. Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall – One Eye Fights
  • 4. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – Montage
  • 5. Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall – Arrowhead
  • 6. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – Escape
  • 7. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – Return
  • 8. Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall – Free
  • 9. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – Christians
  • 10. Peter Peter – Men of God
  • 11. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – The Boat
  • 12. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – Into Hell
  • 13. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – Hell
  • 14. Giles Lamb & Douglas MacDougall – Forest
  • 15. Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – Valhalla Rising (End Credits)

Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
Valhalla Rising (Original Soundtrack)



Out of Stock Formats:

We managed to procure a small batch of this excellent release on the Belgian WeMe label. Quantities are limited since it’s almost sold out with the label.

Most recently concerned with facilitating material from the Detroit axis of DJ Stingray and Gerald Donald, the independent Brussels-based WéMè have previous form with regards to issuing soundtrack scores, releasing François de Roubaix’s compositions for the documentaries L’Antarctique and Autres Séances Électroniques Rue De Courcelles back in 2009. WéMè records issued (after being in progress for over two years) a double vinyl pressing of Peter Peter and Peter Kyed’s score to Nicholas Winding Refn’s Valhalla Rising. Also included are a number of cues by sound designers Giles Lamb and Douglas MacDougall, whilst Brussels-based illustrator Dave Decat was commissioned to create the striking cover art.

Released in 2009, the stark and violent film stars Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) as a mute warrior called One Eye whose travels with a group of Christian crusaders end in bloody fashion.

Winding Refn allegedly wanted the highly lauded Scottish group Mogwai to compose the score, but instead turned to Peter (formerly a guitarist in Danish rock act Sorte Sol) with whom the director had previously used on his Pusher trilogy. The resultant score in collaboration with his namesake Kyed was filled with ambient electronic passages and very suited to a film that laid down an early marker for the heavily stylised approach Winding Refn would later gain Hollywood recognition for as director of Gosling vehicles Drive and Only God Forgives.

  • 2xLP set containing the complete soundtrack + extra sound cues from the movie.
  • Beautiful cover art by renowned Belgian artist Dave Decat.
  • Valhalla Rising was released in 2009 and directed by N.W. Refn (Drive,Only God Forgives) and starts Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) in the leading role.

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