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  • The Lizard Years

    Benny Soebardja

    The Lizard Years


    The self-proclaimed founder of the private press scene, Benny Soebardja is one of the most important figures from the Indonesian music industry. This compilation collects all three of Benny’s albums included as a 2xCD set with a 36 page booklet full of concert photo’s, album covers and information about Benny’s musical

  • Lizard

    Benny Soebardja



    With the help of the band Lizard, and with the backing vocals of members of Harry Roesli’s ‘Philosophy Gang’, this is one of the most notorious independent releases within Indonesian collectors circles.

  • Gut Rock

    Benny Soebardja

    Gut Rock


    Recorded in 1977, ‘Gut Rock’ is Benny Soebardja’s second solo effort, an album that was released through the independent studio SM Recordings. Having been allowed unlimited studio time and creative freedom, Benny took 30 days to record Gut Rock, backed by both Giant Step & Lizard.

  • Night Train

    Benny Soebardja

    Night Train


    Recorded in 1978, Night Train would be the last solo project Benny recorded with SM Recordings, and is potentially the rarest Benny Soebardja offerings.